Hispaman Xtreme Triathlon (HXTRI) is an extreme, long-distance triathlon organised by Triexperience S.L. with the backing of private institutions and sponsors.

Planned for September 24th 2022, HXTRI is to take place in the province of Castellón. It begins in Peñíscola at daybreak and the finishing line is in Vistabella del Maestrat.

The triathlon is to be run by individuals. The distance is 3,800 m for swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running. There will be three transitions on the route: T1 (from swimming to cycling), T2 (from cycling to running) and T3 (the point in the running race from where the triathlete must be accompanied by their supporter until the finishing line).

HXTRI is a semi-self-sufficiency race where each participant must be accompanied by their supporter, who will be responsible for their triathlete throughout the race.

A maximum of 330 triathletes may participate in HXTRI.

Participation in HXTRI is open to sportspeople of any nationality of 20 years of age or more on the date the race is held.

Each athlete takes part under their own responsibility and states that they are in optimal physical condition and have sufficient technical skill to take it on. It is advisable to undergo a medical check-up before the competition in order to detect and rule out any anomaly that may be incompatible with taking part in the triathlon.

The organisation will have a Legal Liability (LL) insurance policy in keeping with the legislation in force. Furthermore, all the participants, whether members of an official federation or not, will be covered by accident insurance by the organisers.

A valid identification document (Spanish national ID or passport) must be presented on picking up the bibs.

In this fourth edition, there is direct registration. The registration will be closed on May 15.

There are two types of registration: Standard and Premium. The prices and details of each of these are found in the website’s registration form.

Registration is personal and non-transferable. It implies acceptance of all of the points in these rules. Names cannot be changed.

From the third edition, if the maximum number of places is reached during the registration phase, it will be possible to sign up to the waiting list in the pre-registration form.

The people signed up will be selected by order on the waiting list if any of the registered athletes cancelled their registration.

Faced with adverse weather conditions or causes of force majeure beyond the organisers’ control that make it impossible to hold the race, the organisers do not assume any liability and will not refund any amount of the registration fee.

Registration for HXTRI applies the following rules as regards refunds:

  • If you cancel the registration before 26th May 2022, then 60% of the registration fee will be refunded. The refund will be made to the card with which the registration was paid.
  • If the cancellation is due to reasons of health, the deadline will be extended to 30th July. On presenting a medical certificate or report as proof, 60% of the registration fee will be refunded.
  • As of 30th July, there will be no refunds of the registration fee under any circumstances.
  • Cancellation implies waiving the race pack.
  • The cancellation of the race because of the little number of registrations implies the full refund of the cost of registration.

Safety on public roads and traffic control and regulation are to be the responsibility of the security forces. Nonetheless, normal traffic will be open along the route, so participants must ride or run following traffic regulations. Take care on the crossing towns and passing through junctions and roundabouts, and always remember to stay on the right.

The race has a big medical and control team that will monitor it to ensure it takes place properly. The healthcare staff are authorised to withdraw any participant for medical reasons. It will not be possible to continue under one’s own responsibility.

It is compulsory to carry a charged mobile phone during the race.
The use or administration of doping substances (WADA list) is forbidden.
The race’s medical and assistance services are not obliged to assist athletes who are not registered in the triathlon.

HXTRI is conceived as a personal sporting challenge where the time at the finishing line is irrelevant. Even so, the race will have a timing system that will also help to control and monitor all of the participants.

The race will have a list of overall and split times, but not a ranked classification.

There are cut-off  times in swim, bike and run.

– T1: 09:10 h. (2 hours from the start)

– Km 51 Rosell: 11:45 h. (4:35 hours from the start)
– Km. 100 Morella: 14:30 h. (7:20 hours from the start)
– Km. 180 T2: 19:00 h. (11:50 hours from the start)

– Km. 29,5 T3: 01:00 h. (17:50 hours from the start). The cut-off time is at 01:00 h. From 01:00 h. until 02:00 h., if the athlete wants to continue in the race, he/she must to take an alternative route to the finish line.

Finish line:
– Vistabella: 03:00 h. (19:50 hours from the start)

The cut-off times can be modified if there is any change in the circuits.These changes will be published on the website and in the Triathlete Guide well in advance.

  • It is optional to always wear neoprene, but compulsory if the organisers say so in the briefing beforehand. Gloves are not permitted in the swimming section.
  • The bib cannot be worn for swimming, but it is obligatory for cycling (visible from behind) and running (visible from the front). It must be left in T1 to be put on.
  • The bicycle must be mechanically checked and in good working condition.
  • Disc brakes are allowed.
  • It is compulsory to have a mobile telephone with the organization telephone number.
  • It is compulsory to use a powerful, flashing and red backlight on the bicycle, which must be switched on throughout the cycling segment, since you will be riding with open but controlled traffic.
  • The helmet must be of an approved kind and it will be checked in the T1 transition area by the organisers.
  • Changing your bicycle is not allowed. It will be possible to change wheels due to mechanical breakage during the race, provided this is done on the outside of the assistance vehicle.
  • It is compulsory to use a backpack with the obligatory items (headlamps with spare batteries, hooded jacket, thermal blanket, whistle, food and drink) for the triathletes and the supporter for the entire running race.

The following actions may entail a minor sanction or even disqualification:

  • Use of gloves or wetsuit shoes.
  • Use of headphones.
  • Use of a cap other than the organisation’s one.

It is fordibben that the Supporter Cars go behind the participant on the road, except if some sections are marked to comply with the requirements of the traffic regulations of the authorities.

The following actions may entail a minor sanction or even disqualification:

  • Breach of traffic regulations.
  • Obstruction of traffic due to not riding on the right-hand side of the carriageway whenever possible.
  • Use of headphones or mobile phone on the bicycle.
  • Stopping on the carriageway with the bike or with the car.
  • Drafting behind a bicycle or motorised vehicle. You are allowed to ride in parallel on ascents to the significant passes.
  • You cannot receive external help in zones that are specifically forbidden in the Triathlete’s Guide.

The following actions may entail a minor sanction or even disqualification:

  • Whenever you run along a path or road, you must run on its left-hand side. It cannot be completely assured that there will be no vehicles on these routes.
  • Not using the obligatory items in the sections where the race rules demand them.
  • Support team accompanying you in sections where this is forbidden.

A control team will monitor the race, but above all we appeal to all the participants’ sporting behaviour, honesty and responsibility.

Types of sanctions:

The organisers’ control staff may apply time penalties if the triathlete or the support team breach any stipulated rule.

  • Yellow card (minor penalty) = 5 minutes
  • Second penalty with yellow card = 15 minutes
  • Third yellow card, greater penalty or dangerous behaviour (red card) = Disqualification.

The penalty boxes will be in T2 and T3.


  • If the supporter or the triathlete drops litter, this will mean immediate expulsion by the organisation staff.
  • The bib is non-transferable and personal. It is forbidden to transfer it to another person. Such a person will be automatically disqualified and both people will be forbidden from registering in this race for the subsequent five editions.

Each triathlete must have a personal supporter, registered together with him/her, who can communicate with the organisers in Spanish or English. Without a registered supporter, you cannot start the race.

The supporter is responsible for the triathlete throughout the race day. There can only be one official car per triathlete, which must be properly identified.

The triathlete and supporter must observe and comply with traffic regulations at all times.

For safety reasons, the triathlete must carry a mobile phone during the cycling segment and the running race so the supporter may contact them at all times.

The supporter is responsible for feeding and hydrating their triathlete throughout the entire cycling and running races. At specific points, the organisers will place refreshment zones if cars cannot access the area.

The running race route is not accessible by car and there will be different points indicated for assistance. The triathletes can be accompanied on foot in the running race segment.

As of T3, it is obligatory for the supporter to accompany the triathlete in the running race until the finishing line. The supporter must have a working phone with the emergency services number provided by the organisers.

The organisers will give all the supporters a document with their obligations, which shall also be available in the Triathlete’s Guide. Compliance with them is obligatory.

In HXTRI there will be neither cash prizes nor rankings.

An awards ceremony will be held to give out recognition and gifts the day after the race in Peñíscola.


By registering, the HXTRI participants give their consent for TriExperience S.L. to handle their data of a personal nature automatically for exclusively sporting, promotional or commercial purposes, by itself or via third party entities. In keeping with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files in order to partially or totally rectify or cancel their contents. To do so, they must request this in writing at the business address of TriExperience S.L.: Primado Reig 96 – 40, 46010, Valencia.

Likewise, in keeping with HXTRI’s sporting, promotional and economic exploitation interests (reproduction of photographs of the circuit, broadcast of videos, publication of classifications, etc.) via any device or channel and for an unlimited time, those registered expressly transfer to the organisers the right to reproduce their name and surname(s), the place attained in the classification, their photographs and their videos.